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IT Career Path <-> Certification Path Map

January 4, 2022 in Certifications by

An IT Career is all about validating your skills, staying current and always learning more. No matter what IT Career you choose you need to continue to add certifications to your resume. Check out my blog: More Certifications = More $$.

The biggest question is where to begin? Start by deciding What IT Career is right for you. The next question is What Certifications Do I Need to succeed in the Career Path I have chosen? Below is a detailed Certification MAP that lays out a series of certifications you should consider as you build your skills towards each specific IT Career Path.

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CompTIA Is Raising Exam Prices – Buy Vouchers before we raise our prices

January 3, 2022 in Certifications by

Effective January 1, 2022 CompTIA is raising prices on all their exams. Total Seminars sells US and International Discount Vouchers and we are holding our 2021 discount voucher prices as long as supplies last. Here’s a summary of the retail pricing:

Exam                     Old Retail Price       New Retail Price       TS Discount Vouchers (while they last)

A+ (each)                             $232                          $239                          $209.99

Network+                            $338                           $348                          $304.99

Security+                             $370                           $381                          $334.99

CySA+                                  $370                           $381                          $334.99

PenTest+                             $370                           $381                          $334.99

ITF+                                    $126                            $130                         $114.99

Cloud+                                 $338                           $348                         $304.99

Linux+                                 $338                           $348                         $304.99

Here’s how it works: CompTIA member companies like Total Seminars are able to purchase vouchers for the CompTIA exams and resell them to students at a discount

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10 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Information Security

July 20, 2021 in Certifications by

Learn Information Security, become a Penetration Tester.

The escalating number of data breaches and threats like ransomware has created a mad dash for information security help. Organizations are scrambling to fill jobs and to compete for top talent, and tons of positions go unfilled for months.

You would think that this kind of job-market frenzy would create a big appeal for people to consider an Information Security career. Especially since information security is one of the few fields where people get snatched up as soon as they pass their certification.

Yet there’s hardly an influx of newly-minted security professionals eager to flex their freshly acquired white-hat skills. The shortage of information security workers is expected to grow — reaching 1.8 million by 2022, according to research by Frost & Sullivan. And there is not enough incoming talent to help narrow the gap.

There are lots of entry-level jobs, prospects for climbing the ladder, and plenty of jobs that earn over $100,000/year.

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The Best Cloud Computing Certifications of 2021

May 25, 2021 in Certifications by

2021 is prime time to get your head in the cloud. You can do this by earning at least one of the best cloud computing certifications out there. But why cloud computing? For starters, it pays really well. We’ll dive into this more later in the article, but know that certified cloud computing professionals – including network architects, cloud architects and cloud network engineers – can make salaries well into six figures.

Need a reason besides money to get into cloud computing? Try job security.

The demand for cloud computing professionals has never been higher. We can thank the acceleration of digital transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for that. According to Simplilearn, cloud skills are in high-demand as companies strive to derive the most value from cloud-based technology. Global job site, concurs, identifying cloud skills as a major trend in the tech skills market.

IT professionals can snag a cloud computing job by earning a cloud certification.

Employers are seeking IT pros with expert-level skills related to:

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The top 10 highest-paying jobs in information security in 2021

May 24, 2021 in Certifications by

Information security continues to grow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information security field is expected to grow by a whopping 31% between 2019 and 2029. 

This article details the top 10 highest-paying jobs in information security for 2021, presented in ascending order, so you can get a high-level idea of what these roles pay on average.

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DRAMA – Dave Rush Ask Me Anything 1 Year Anniversary

May 2, 2021 in Uncategorized by

Join Dave Rush, senior instructor at Total Seminars, on August 6th at 2:00 Central time as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of our weekly livestream show:  DRAMA – Dave Rush Ask Me Anything at 

 DRAMA is a live computer technology stream that features the Raspberry Pi computer as a tool to prepare for CompTIA exams and to learn other computer technologies. Viewers ask questions, interact with Dave and talk about all things technical. 

Each week, Dave brings a special topic or easy-to-follow project that showcases the Raspberry as a fun and practical tool for learning or as a cool addition to home and business technology. 

 In addition to a great project, Dave will celebrate the anniversary show with great giveaways including free access to the great suites of CompTIA practice tests. And we’re giving away prizes including Raspberry Pi kits! 


You Must Enter to Win

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Microsoft Finds a Third Print Spooler Bug

March 19, 2021 in Certifications, IT News by

Microsoft finds another bug in Windows print spooler

Microsoft is again urging its customers to disable Windows print spooler, warning of a new escalation-of-privilege vulnerability in all Windows versions, even those with the recent PrintNightmare patch. This is the third print spooler vulnerability to emerge in five weeks.

Another zero day vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler can give a threat actor administrative privileges on a Windows machine through a remote server under the attacker’s control and the ‘Queue-Specific Files’ feature.

Last month, a security researcher accidentally revealed a zero-day Windows print spooler vulnerability known as PrintNightmare that Microsoft tracks as CVE-2021-34527.

Exploiting this vulnerability lets a threat actor increase privileges on a machine or execute code remotely.

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Don’t Be Scared to Test at Home This Halloween!

Does the thought of taking your test at home send shivers up your spineAre you scared that you will fail because you won’t be ready? Does the idea of having someone watch you make you feel like you’re in a bad 1980s video sung by Rockwell and Michael Jackson?  

It’s OK to get a little nervous before plunging into the unfamiliar. This may be not only your first time taking a CompTIA exam, but also your first time testing from home! Luckily, you’re not alone in having those feelings as this is a new process for most of us. 


Not a proctor, just the world’s creepiest shoulder surfer.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

We’ll help you overcome your fears by helping you prepare. Fortunately, many others before you have already done it successfully. After all, CompTIA allowed testing from home on April 15. Other vendors like Certiport and Cisco, among others, have done the same. 

By the way, if you want to check out those other certifications or get some more last-minute practice, then check out our materials here: 

Total Seminars on Certifications  

Ready to test?  

Click here to get CompTIA Discount Exam Vouchers 

Test at Your Favorite Haunt

With a strong Internet connection, a computer that meets the requirements, the right ID materials, and no prohibited materials or distractions in the room, then you can test safely from home. Also, make sure that you plugged your computer into a reliable power source and aren’t relying on the battery.

Good news! You don’t even have to test at homeyou can test from work, or also a public library! You cantake the test from a tablet or mobile phone at this time.

What happens when you keep putting off scheduling the test.

Bad Things Come in Threes … Unless You Prepare!

First, you should check if your computer would work under exam conditions. Take the official system test to see how well it would perform on the day of the test: 

Assuming that you pass, then your next biggest concern will involve having a high bandwidth because you will use streaming video and audio for the entire two hour testYou should try a speed test. 

Ideally a wired connection works best. If you have only a wireless connection, then ensure that others in your area turned off their connections temporarily. Better yet, have them leave during test time. Yes, Big Brother is watching you, so give him a gift card for a coffee, send him trick or treating somewhere, or give him a book to read.  

Now that you know you have the proper equipment, you need to get familiar with the test format. Unfortunately, because you cannot use notes on paper or electronic devices to remember things, draw diagrams, summon spells, or perform calculations, you’ll use a sheet on the screen for your notes. Wreally, REALLY recommend that you practice using this feature before so that you don’t waste precious time learning how it works during the test itself: 

My proctor quit after I tested for some reason.

Now, if you do these three thingsyou’re pretty much ready to test at home by this point. But you should also know what to do for the test itself. 

Don’t Ghost Your Test at Home! 

Just as with any standard test center, you should arrive 30 minutes early. The check in process takes 15 minutes. If you’re scheduled at 1 PM, then get online and be ready by 12:30 PM.

Screams and tears won’t make you any less late. Arrive early to avoid upsets! No exceptions!

The proctor will explain the dos and don’ts. You will provide an ID copy, just like at a testing center, but good idea to bring two in case one doesn’t count.  

The proctor will validate your ID with the Web camera and explain the rules. This means that you will need to make sure that your camera, microphone, and speakers work.

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Watching You

The camera must be positioned so that the proctor can see you, the screen, and keyboard. Software will record your test screen even if you somehow block the Web camera with your hand, so you can’t “accidentally” block the screen. Trust us, we thought about it and they beat us to it already.

You cannot wear any phones, headphones, headsets, electronic devices, pagers (if you’re in a 1980s costume I guess), watches, wallets, purses, hats, head coverings, bags, coats, books, notepads, pocket protectors, or anything else not approved. Clothes are optional but we highly recommend them.

Wait, so we’re supposed to be afraid of her for not wearing a mask? Clown world indeed. Go, 2020!

I Can See Your House From Here…  

The proctor will also make you pick up the Web camera and do a 360 view of the entire room. Therefore, you must remove all electronic devices, audio devices, notes, cards, books, scrawls on the wall/ceiling, floor, and any people who could possibly give hints, tips or cheats.

You can’t have notes, books, papers, pens, pencilsmonitors or computers (or at least they must be turned off and unplugged), whiteboards, blackboards, Ouija boards, bloody messages scrawled on the wall, etc.

Are you moving it or did the mouse run out of battery and stop syncing again?

You won’t pass if you fail this preview of the roomThe camera also will help the proctor to see if you’re checking your pockets, looking at the floor, or glancing around during the test looking at things that can help you during the test. Basically, you must look at the screen only.

Sure it’s disturbing, but at least they can’t accuse you of cheating on the test!

Don’t Rely on Phantom Power

You will also need to enable your microphone. That system test that you did earlier should check the microphone component. CompTIA doesn’t want someone to record the questions with hidden microphone, therefore you cannot talk to yourself during the test. Besides, it’s kind of weird. Psychic communication with spirits is technically not prohibited, but since they’d probably only know old versions of the test anyway any ghosts in the machine won’t help you very much. 

We prefer the term living impaired, thank you.

CompTIA Will Soon Mean for Computer TestIng At Home (The H is Silent)

That’s pretty much it! You can now take the test and with our help you’ll know all the content so that you can pass the exams with ease. Once you’re done, the test will ask demographic and basic questions – just like they do at the test site examinations – and THEN it will give you your results. You will get a hard copy in the mail and you can get a digital copy on the spot.

We hope that you have a safe and Happy Halloween and that you succeed on your exams! Now go study, register, and test, then let us know how it goes! 

Uh, you go first. I’ll be right behind you.

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Join Us Friday, September 25 from 2-4 PM CDT for Raspberry Pi Creator Dr. Eben Upton!

September 17, 2020 in IT News by

Mark your calendars because we have a special Dave Rush LIVE Q&A as we’ll host Dr. Eben Upton, creator of the Raspberry Pi and co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation on our YouTube channel! 

Meet Dr. Eben Upton: He’s ‘Berry Accomplished

Dr. Eben Upton of the RPiF

Dr. Eben Upton holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He later received a Cambridge Diploma in Computer Science and a Ph.D.

Eben also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Cambridge Judge Business School. 

Some Juice on the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi official trademark

In 2012, the Raspberry Pi Foundation (RPiF) released the Model B. Within two years it sold over two million units and eventually became the best-selling UK PC of all time! 

The RPiF aims to “promote the study of computer science and related topics, especially at school level, and to put the fun back into learning computing.” That’s a mission we support! 

Total Seminars Helps You Certify: 

When you’re ready to test:

CompTIA Discount Exam Vouchers  

Just Desserts

Total Seminars Dave Rush YouTube Banner

If you haven’t yet seen them, then catch the earlier episodes of our Senior Instructor Dave Rush hosting Raspberry Pi Fridays. 

Every episode includes useful information about these cool machines as Dave answers your CompTIA and IT industry questions live.

Win a Raspberry Pi!

Plus, you could win one of several Raspberry Pis or other prizes that we’re giving away!

Raspberry Pi 4 model

To qualify for your slice of the Pi and to get your questions to Eben, you must be present to win.

Remember to mark your calendar for Friday Pi Day, September 25 from 2-4 PM Central Time for our live AMA. Don’t flake out; come early and get served up a piece of the fun. It’ll be as American as Raspberry Pi! (OK that’s enough pie puns for today, don’t get crusty with me). 

Come Get Your Fill! 

Total Seminars logo

Hungry for more knowledge? Check our zero-calorie offerings at Total Seminars.

Total Seminars on Certifications 

Ready to test?

Click here to get CompTIA Discount Exam Vouchers 

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CompTIA online testing coming April 15th

April 3, 2020 in Certifications by

CompTIA Online testing coming April 15th

CompTIA uses Pearson / VUE testing centers to administrate their Certification Exams. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many of the VUE testing centers have closed around the world. In response to this, CompTIA is working with VUE to launch their online testing program.

CompTIA has been working on creating an online testing alternative for over a year and hoped to launch it by the end of 2020. Due to the Covid-19 issues they have accelerated the launch of their online testing program and CompTIA will be launching online testing April 15th.

CompTIA is partnering with VUE to use VUE’s new OnVUE platform to administer the online exams. You can learn more about OnVUE HERE.

Here are some details from CompTIA:

  • Online Testing: StartingApril 15, 2020CompTIA will be offering online testing, with remote proctoring, that will allow candidates to take their CompTIA exam at home, anytime, while maintaining a secure testing environment.

Note: Please be aware there is high demand for online testing with remote proctoring. Candidates will be able “schedule” their exam starting April 15th; however this does not mean that candidates will all be able test on that date.

  • Online testing will NOT be available: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Japan, Slovenia, China and South Korea. Pearson OnVUE platform is not available in these select locations.

  • Exams Available:All exams are available, with a few exceptions. Server+ won’t be available until May 1st, 2020. Not Available: CTT+ and any site licenses.

  • Languages:Remote tests are available in all languages for which the exam is currently offered, however the proctors are English speaking only. The Pearson OnVUE platform is also English only.

  • Rescheduling Exams: Candidates may reschedule an exam at a Pearson VUE testing center at any time. If candidates would instead like to take an online exam, please reschedule your exam on or after April 15, 2020.

We will update this blog as additional information becomes available next week.

Discount CompTIA Exam Vouchers

Save on your CompTIA exams by purchasing vouchers from Total Seminars web site.

Try our TotalSims

Prepare for performance-based questions and do hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts while studying for the exams.

Try our TotalTester

Hundreds of questions with customizable exams. Each new exam is pulled from a pool of questions, so each exam is different. Create exams by objectives or by chapter. Take your custom test in Exam mode or in Practice mode with hints, explanations and study references. Get results graded by exam objective so you know where to focus your review. The best way to prepare for the exam questions is to practice as many questions as you can.

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