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About Us

Twenty-three years ago, Mike Meyers called his brother-in-law, Dudley with a great idea.

“Hey, Dudley,” Mike said, “let’s open a company and teach people how to fix computers.”
Dudley, who was working on Wall Street at the time, thought that sounded pretty good. Move back to Texas, spend more time with his family, and help people learn new skills.

The more they thought about it, the better it sounded. Mike was a computer technician for the Texas Department of Transportation and ate, breathed, and slept computers. Dudley was a Harvard MBA with a great mind for business. Pretty dynamic duo, wouldn’t you say?

Mike Meyers, President

So it wasn’t long before Mike and his team of teachers started traveling around the country conducting three-day seminars on “Troubleshooting Your Computer. “ Dudley stayed back at the Houston HQ working on the direct mail campaigns and otherwise operating the business. Sister-in-law Janelle Meyers organized the office and kept things running smoothly (mostly making sure everyone knew where they were going and had a place to stay).

One fateful day, McGraw Hill signed up for one of the seminars. Of course they received a copy of the course manual Mike wrote. Lo and behold, a few weeks later McGraw Hill called Mike, asked him if they could publish his CompTIA A+ certification materials. Huh? Mike, an author? Well, he’d never really thought about doing that before. He was a computer technician, you know. The CompTIA All-in-One A+ Certification Exam Guide was born, and as they say, the rest is history. The book quickly became the #1 selling CompTIA A+ certification book (now in its 10th edition). Over a million books in print later and here we are. Mike turned out to be one heck of an author.

So what’s happened to Total Seminars over the years? Mike’s books flew off the shelves, and as the demand for more books grew, he needed some help. Enter Scott Jernigan, our Chief Editor for almost 25 years. Another unlikely hero in the Total Seminars’ saga, Scott was a University of Houston medieval history doctoral student. Yup. He sure knew a lot about computers though, primarily because of his obsession with computer games. Scott left the doctoral program and has poured his heart and soul into making great books and other training materials.

View of Totals’ soon-to-be-completed orbital HQ

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