TotalSims - Performace-Based Exam Prep

Prepare for CompTIA’s performance-based questions and learn more about technical concepts covered on the exams

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Operating System and Application Training Demonstrations

  • How-to lessons on key Windows and app functions
  • Guided tours of Windows and router firmware
  • Brilliant, short episodes for efficient learning
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Interactive Graphical Windows Exercises

  • Test your knowledge of the Windows GUI
  • Solve tasks configuring various apps and Windows
  • Helpful onscreen information guide
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Interactive Command-Line Windows Exercises

  • Test your skills with of the command-line interface (CLI)
  • Use CLI commands to solve various networking issues
  • See CLI questions like the CompTIA exam questions
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Interactive Configuration and Identification Exercises

  • Mimics CompTIA exams’ performance-based questions
  • Provides graphical exam environment
  • Tests on wiring schemes, troubleshooting, and more
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Total Sims Interactive Simulations for CompTIA A+ Certification


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Total Sims Interactive Simulations for CompTIA Network+ Certification


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Total Tester A+ Practice Tests


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