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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who is Mike Meyers and what relationship does he have with Total Seminars?
A – Michael D. Meyers is the president and co-founder of Total Seminars, LLC. Mike has written numerous computer certification books, including the best-selling All-in-One A+ Certification Exam Guide. He’s also written and starred in many computer training videos, on topics ranging from Microsoft Outlook and other application software, to PC hardware and networking. Mike is the series editor and namesake of the Mike Meyers’ Certification Passport series of certification books published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Plus he’s an all-around swell guy, as long as you’re not a duck during hunting season.

Q – Did Mike start CompTIA?
A – No, although he has been a member of the organization for many years.

Q – Did Mike start the A+ and Network+ newsgroups?
A – Again, no. He has been a frequent contributor to both alt.certification.a-plus and since their founding.

Q – When will Mike and the gang produce a book or video on [fill in your favorite subject]?
A – At the rate we’re producing, probably next month. Watch for it.

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