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Never Pay Full Price for CompTIA Exams

May 1, 2023 in Certifications by

Save with CompTIA Discount Exam Vouchers, US and International.

You don’t have to pay full price for CompTIA Exams. You can purchase discount exam vouchers and save on the cost of the exams. CompTIA partners can provide discount prices on exam vouchers and pass the savings along to their students. Discount Vouchers are good for up to 11 months from the date you purchase them.

Here’s how it works: CompTIA member companies like Total Seminars are able to purchase vouchers for the CompTIA exams and resell them to our students at a discount to the full price you would pay when you register with VUE or buy at the CompTIA web store.

Before you register for your CompTIA exam, go to Total Seminars web site and purchase a discount voucher. Your order will be processed, and you will receive an email with your voucher number.

When you register for your CompTIA exam online at the VUE web site, you have an option to pay by credit card or by voucher. Select “voucher” and type in the voucher number you received by email when you purchased the Discount Vouchers from Total Seminars.

Total Seminars has US and International Vouchers. You must purchase a voucher for the country where you live, even if  you are taking the exams online.

When you purchase a discount voucher it is good for up to 11 months (the exact date the voucher expires is included in your email). You must register for your exam online with VUE before the date the discount voucher expires.

Online Testing is now available. Take you CompTIA exam online at home. Here’s a link to our blog with all the details. 

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