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IT Career Growth, Up Your Game

February 7, 2024 in Uncategorized by

Today I’m talking about career growth in IT. There are countless opportunities in IT, but how do you get there? Commitment! Learning and experience are the pathway. Commit to expanding your knowledge and reaching your IT career goals. Mike, that is easy to say, but how and where do I transition?

Where do we start?
Many of us start as help desk technicians or support technicians. Helping company employees with computer hardware and software issues teaches you many different aspects and broadens your tech knowledge. For those in these position, the first place to start is where you are now!
1. If you are in these support positions, you ask yourself what is the next step? What other IT positions does your company utilize? Do they have networking or security positions?
2. If your company does not have growth, look at companies that have mid-level positions.
3. Talk to people in the industry to find out the companies who have the career you want next.
4. Complete IT certifications to show your knowledge and let your certs and job experience carry you to the next level.

How do I get there?
Careers in networking or security require technology knowledge and system knowledge. Don’t be the man in the box! What is your interest area of IT? What will keep you focused on your studies?

Start learning the base knowledge for the career path that interests you while you are in your current position. Companies love to fill from within their own environment with people who have the skills and knowledge of the company systems.

Even loftier goals!If you are in a mid-level position, don’t become stagnant. There are so many places to go in an IT career.
Cybersecurity and analytics are at the top hot careers and continue to grow. Cloud computing and the cloud computing job market will continue to grow as companies continue to utilize it.

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