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Maximize Savings on CompTIA Exams: A Strategic Guide for 2024

January 25, 2024 in Uncategorized by

Are you considering pursuing CompTIA certifications in 2024? Here’s a heads-up to help you plan your studies and certifications wisely, but you can beat the price hike by planning your studies and when you take your certification exam.

How It Works: Your Roadmap to Savings

  1. Visit Total Seminars’ Website: Before you jump into registering for your CompTIA exam, take a detour to the Total Seminars website. There, you can purchase a discount voucher.
  2. Order Processing: Once you’ve made your purchase, we’ll process your order promptly. Expect an email to land in your inbox, containing your voucher number.
  3. Seal the Deal with VUE: Head over to the VUE website to register for your CompTIA exam. At the payment stage, you’ll have a choice: credit card or voucher. Opt for the latter and input the voucher number from your Total Seminars email.
  4. Savings that Last: The beauty of Total Seminars discount vouchers? They’re valid for up to 11 months. Check your email for the exact expiry date and make sure to register for your exam online with VUE before that deadline.

By taking advantage of Total Seminars’ Discount Vouchers, you not only beat the impending price hike but also ensure that your certification journey is a budget-friendly one.

Why Total Seminars?

Total Seminars is your trusted ally in the realm of IT certifications. We not only bring you the best training materials, as a CompTIA member we bring unparalleled savings on exam vouchers.  Helping you invest in your career without breaking the bank. Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in 2023 prices and make your 2024 certification goals a reality.

Total Seminars can purchase vouchers for CompTIA exams at a discounted rate, and we pass the savings on to you. By choosing Total Seminars, you can get a discount voucher that slashes the cost compared to what you’d pay at the CompTIA web store or when registering directly with VUE.

Starting February 1, 2024, CompTIA is set to raise prices on all their exams. But fear not! As a CompTIA member company, Total Seminars can offer you a lifeline to significant savings. Until our inventory lasts, we will maintain our 2023 discount voucher prices.

Act now, plan ahead, and secure your future with Total Seminars Discount Vouchers. Your career will thank you!

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Total Seminars has resources to help you self-study for your CompTIA Certifications

Total Seminars e-books are now available: Check out all of our e-book titles. Available 24/7 for immediate access on the Total Seminars Training Hub.

Practice Tests: TotalTester practice tests have hundreds of questions in a pool that allows you to create custom exams by exam domain or by chapter. Take tests in Practice mode with assistance (hints and explanations) or in Final mode to see if you are ready for the real exams. Includes complete explanations for each question.

Interactive simulations: TotalSims for A+ and Network+ have hundreds of online simulated labs. Prepare for CompTIA’s performance-based questions and learn more about technical concepts covered on the exams.

US and International Discount Exam Vouchers: Purchase a CompTIA voucher and save on the cost of your exams.

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