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Pass the CompTIA A+ Exam with Total Seminars’ A+ Practice Test Software

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  • Contains over 600 Practice Exam Questions that Cover CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 exams
  • Includes Practice Mode with Hints, Answers, Explanations and Study References
  • Create custom exams by exam objective or by chapter from Mike’s book
  • Grade Results by Objective for Easy Review in Final Mode
  • Total Seminars has Almost Two Decades of Experience Making Great Training Products like the Total Tester 2009 A+ Exam Software

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Just the facts, M’am.

Hundreds of questions

  • Hints
  • Answers
  • Explanations and study references
  • Results graded by topic for easy review
  • Review missed questions with explanations and references to the Mike Meyers book

Use Total Tester and Pass…Guaranteed!

Study Smarter

  • Practice Exams
  • Exam Simulations
  • Create your own test, choose:
    • Questions by chapter
    • Questions by objective
    • All questions in pool
    • Number of questions
    • Exam duration


A+ Practice Tests 701 /702

A+ Practice Tests. The software contains over 650 practice questions based on the actual A+ Certification exam.


The Mike Meyers’ Total Tester A+ Premium Practice Exams 801 / 802

The Mike Meyers’ Total Tester A+ Premium Practice Tests (220-801 & 220-802), simulate the CompTIA A+ exam experience and test your technical knowledge on key exam objectives.


Pass the CompTIA A+ Exam with Flying Colors Using Total Seminars’ A+ Practice Test

The CompTIA A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide contains exam advice, in-depth explanations, practice questions and over 1,000 photographs and illustrations. A picture tells a thousand words, right? Over 1,000 make it much easier to understand practice exam questions! Preparing for the CompTIA A+ exams using Total Seminars’ practice test software is easy and fun. You’ll gain confidence about passing the CompTIA A+ exams by mastering the Mike Meyers’ Total Tester 2009 A+ Premium Practice Exams.

Total Seminars’ A+ practice test software covers both exams – the CompTIA A+ 220-701 (Essentials) and the CompTIA A+ 220-702 (Practical Application). The A+ practice test questions cover areas on the Essentials exam such as the terminology and technology associated with computers, how to do fundamental tasks, and basic Windows operating support. The practice questions that cover the Practical Application exam focus more on advanced configuration and troubleshooting. The Mike Meyers’ Total Tester 2009 A+ Premium Practice Exams incorporates more than 500 practice questions about the Essentials and Practical Application exams. Using the software gives you detailed knowledge about the CompTIA A+ exams. And you will pass the exams, guaranteed.

The practice A+ exam software contains a large pool of randomly-selected questions. You can decide how many questions to ask or tell it to use certain questions from specifically-selected chapters. Additionally, you can go into Practice Mode with the practice test software and discover hints, correctly answered questions, and find out why you missed that stupid question on laser printer fuser assembly. Exam objectives help determine the final grade, so you’ll know right away what you need to study before taking the real exams.

Since 1995, Total Seminars has developed training material, taught computer courses, and authored best-selling books about computer industry certifications such as A+ and Network +. Thousands of corporate and government PC and network technicians have received training through Total Seminars. In addition to the A+ practice software, Total Seminars offers the Network+ practice test software for those who want to take the Network + exam. If you want to succeed as an IT technician and solidify your position as a viable candidate for IT jobs with A+ certification, contact Total Seminars today and start preparing for the CompTIA A+ Certification exams.

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An A+ Practice Test Will Always be the Best Preparation for Certification Exams

[Posted by Kathy Yale] A Complete Educational Resource

Total Seminars has all of the informational resources you need to study for your exam. Through this company, you can find an incredible all-in-one exam guide that has been carefully written by one of the leading A+ authorities. This book serves as your complete educational resource. While it is updated each year based on the last version of the test that was administered, it is fully detailed with color photos, easy-to-understand illustrations, review questions and even test-taking advice. In addition to this book, Total Seminars also offers the A+ Practice Test that can be purchased individually -as well as training videos. The fact is that Total Seminars offers an ideal educational solution for every learning style.

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The Growing need for Certification

[Posted by Kathy Yale] Required for Careers
The CompTIA A+ Certification used to be required only for advanced careers and promotions. While this is still true, there are many entry-level careers that also require applicants to have this certification. This is because the company doesn’t want to waste time on applicants and employees that cannot operate certain technology.
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Practice Makes Perfect: Total Seminars A+ Practice Tests Will Help You Ace Your Certification Exam

[Posted by Kathy Yale]

The foundational skill level covers students, as well as new IT workers. The certifications offered for this skill level cover the basic knowledge and skills needed to work in a modern IT environment. These certifications include the Strata IT Fundamentals and IT for Sales. Basic IT installation and maintenance is analyzed in the Fundamentals exam, while the Sales exam handles selling IT solutions to customers. An A+ Practice Testwill cover the baseline foundational concepts that are key to acing certification exams.
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