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Cybersecurity Careers: How to become a professional

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Today’s need for cybersecurity continues to grow.  Cybersecurity analysts have a great employment future in organizations to secure information security. But what is a “cybersecurity specialist”? Cybersecurity specialists use software to prevent cyberattacks and mitigate data breaches. As in all careers, job specifics have a wide range: security administrator, systems administrator, and security analyst.

Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for protecting the data and IT infrastructure of companies. Detecting cyber threats and implementing data-saving security measures. Techs also create and enforce security policies, carry out threat and risk analyses and perform vulnerability assessments. They spot suspicious patterns in computer systems and review aspects of the computer infrastructure for threatening activities. Cybersecurity professionals create, install, and operate firewalls and set and implement security standards.

More senior the cybersecurity specialist job role is, the more stringent that qualification, but in today’s world, training and experience is key. Employers have seen the benefits of alternative pathways into technology jobs. In today’s ever-changing environment, certifications offer a competitive advantage in the job place.

The skills a cybersecurity specialist needs can vary based on the role, most cybersecurity specialists need skill sets with competencies. Risk management and mitigation, threat hunting, incident response, threat intelligence and response, incident response, vulnerability assessment, and project management.

Soft skills like problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and adaptability are imperative. Skills like these help cybersecurity specialists prevent and mitigate security breaches. And as in most positions, excellent communication skills are essential for cybersecurity specialists.

Many cybersecurity specialist job descriptions require a candidate to have several years of experience in a data security role. But how do you get the training and experience?

Pursuing a career as a cybersecurity specialist is a big decision. Thankfully, the job outlook for this profession is good. The need for cybersecurity specialists will continue to grow, reaching about 234,000 by 2033. The 10-year projected growth for cybersecurity specialists is 242% above the national rate per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), CompTIA State of the Tech Workforce 2023 and Lightcast.

If you want to become a cybersecurity specialist, you need industry-recognized certifications to get started, two of the best cybersecurity certifications you can get are CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+). Security+ is the know cybersecurity industry starting certification and one I have been happy to provide since it began.

My friends at CyberNow Labs are doing a great job helping people fill the knowledge gap.  They are awarding scholarships for their Certified Defensive Security Analyst courses to fill the gap in cybersecurity jobs, and the first part starts with CompTIA Security+ certification.  Hear about their program to see if you qualify.

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