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IC3 Certification, the Foundation of Computer Literacy

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IC3 Certification Exam Facts

Required exam: -Computing
-Key Applications
-Living Online
Number of questions: 45 each exam
Length of test: 45 minutes each exam
Passing score: -Computing
Fundamentals 800
-Key Applications 750
-Living Online 660
(Scores out of 1000)
Exam code: GS4, GS5
Cert timeframe: Certified for life

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Always current. The IC3 certification never expires. You are certified for life.

What is IC3 Certification?   Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3). IC3 certification documents your digital literacy skills. The exams generally cover how computers work, how to work within the Windows operating system, basic operation of office applications, networking basics, electronic communication (e-mail), and the Internet.

What about a JOB?

Any Job. Any job with exposure to computers will use the knowledge IC3 certification requires. Many employers use IC3 certification to document a job candidate’s computer skills.

What else? Obtaining your IC3 certification proves you have initiative and ambition, and provides you with a stepping stone to higher level computer credentials such as MOS, CompTIA Strata, CompTIA A+, etc.

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Computer Literacy,
Your Ticket to IC3 Certification

Scott Jernigan, Director
of your journey to digital literacy


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Pass the IC3 certification exam with Total Seminars

IC3 Certification - Scott Jernigan (the author) posing with the Computer Literacy book
Scott Jernigan

For almost two decades, Total Seminars has been a leader in developing IT training materials related to exams such as the IC3 Certification.IC3 Certification: The Internet and Computing Core Cert. (IC3) should be of great value to anyone involved in the digital world. It sets the foundation of knowledge that empowers students, employees, and entrepreneurs to succeed in environments that encompass the use of computers and the Internet. Total Seminars recognizes these requirements and makes them a reachable goal for their customers by providing the vital tools necessary to connect complex requirements with solid results.Almost every field of employment reaches into the ever-increasing digital world. The impact of computers cannot be ignored and an IC3 Certification will give you a clear advantage to be recognized as someone with the skills and talent needed to work effectively with the latest computer and Internet technology. Employers today are searching for value-add employees to help them reach successful business objectives, expand productivity, increase profitability, and deliver a competitive edge.Total Seminars has literally written the book on IC3 Certification. The author, Scott Jernigan, is on the Mike Meyers’ team of leading experts on computer industry accreditations. The Total Seminars team is a powerful union of knowledge, talent, and training skills. They have helped thousands get the training they need to pass their IT exams.No other company offering IT training has all of their books and training materials authored by the same, highly accredited authors and this is what distinguishes Total Seminars as the total package for test prep materials.The IC3 certification is comprised of three individual examinations:

  • Computing Fundamentals – covers subjects needed for a foundational understanding of computing for computer hardware, software, and operating systems.
  • Key Applications – includes questions covering word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software applications.
  • Living Online – covers aspects of working in an Internet or networked environment, including surfing the Net and e-mail.

Total Seminars’ Mike Meyers Presents: Computer Literacy, Your Ticket to IC3 Certification provides an in-depth certification roadmap for users and professionals who want a solid grasp of these three basic individual exams.

This along with their CompTIA A+ and Network + training books, lab manuals, and practice test software propels Total Seminars into a league of their own in the IT training field.

Your choice should be clear: Total Seminars wrote the book on IC3 Certification because they are the experts. When you have expert guidance from one of the most experienced leaders in the industry, you are sure to do well. Let Total Seminars lead you to the success you deserve. Contact us today and begin tomorrow with a clear advantage.

Featured Article:

Why More and More People are Receiving an IC3 Certification

[Posted by Kathy Yale]
Benefits of IC3 credentialsEmployers on a global basis are beginning to recognize these IC3 Certification credentials. After receiving these credentials, you should display them proudly on your resume. They should help you get employment wherever computers are in use.

Read More about Why More and More People are Receiving an IC3 Certification


Preparing for the IC3 Certification Exams

[Posted by Kathy Yale]
Understand the Exam
The two types of questions that you will have to answer on an IC3 Certification exam are multiple choice and questions about functionality. The multiple choice questions are fairly easy, and you have a 25 percent chance of getting the question right even if you randomly guess.
The other questions are about functionality. For example, if you were asked a question about using the mail merge function in Word, you would open Word and use this function to score points. Be sure to know all of the basic functions within the Microsoft Suite to get the most points possible.Read More about Preparing for the IC3 Certification Exams

Showcase Your Computer Skills with an IC3 Certification

[Posted by Kathy Yale]
The IC3 certification is designed for mainstream office employees, not just IT personnel. It is aimed at measuring fairly basic computer skills such as using email, word processing, and spreadsheet software. It also covers general knowledge items relating to computer hardware, operating systems, and networks. A basic training course should be able to prepare people for the course and students will likely already be familiar with much of the material.Read more on shaowcasing computer your skills IC3 Certification here >>

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