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Cool Tool Description
CompTIA Protocols & Ports PDF A quick reference for the protocols and their ports on the CompTIA trifecta certs!
CPUID’s CPU-Z The utility to find out the specs of the CPU on your system.
CPUID’s HWMonitor Great little program that gives you a quick break down of your system’s temperature and other sensors. From the maker of CPU-Z.
Igor Pavlov’s 7-Zip A free, open-source utility that unzips almost everything you can through at it. I install it on all my systems.
Malwarebytes Free When you need to scrub a machine of some nasty malware, this utility will help you get the job done.
Memtest86+ The live CD memory tester. This tool boots from a CD and gives your RAM a workout looking for problems that can cause errors such as BSODs and data coruption.
Microsoft’s Sysinternals Utilities The definitive collection of utilities to discover and fix almost anything going on with Windows. My personal favorite is Process Explorer.
Gnome Partition Editor Gnome Partition Editor, or GParted, is another live CD that will enable you to resize and repartition your hard drive without reformating. Make sure you have a backup before using this or any paritioning tool on a system you care about.
Wireshark Everyone should have this famous protocol analyzer in their toolbox.
VirtualBox The freeware VM that’s great for getting your feet wet with virtualization.
Rufus When I need to make a bootable thumb drive this is my goto utility
Versacrypt Bitlocker is great if you have the right version of Windows, a TPM chip and want to encrypt an entire drive. For those who don’t, there is Versacrypt.
Nmap The best network security scanner out there! (Included in Kali distro)
Metasploit The number one penetration testing framework (Included in Kali distro)
OpenHash Tab OpenHashTab is a shell extension for conveniently calculating and checking file hashes from file properties.
Kali Linux The popular security-centric Linux distro. Contains many of the tools listed here

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