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Total Seminars Unveils Exciting Study Halls, New Python and Cloud Training Courses

July 8, 2023 in Uncategorized by

Prepare for CompTIA certification exams with the Total Seminars Discord Server’s exclusive LIVE Study Halls every Tuesday at 7:00 pm CDT.  Join our vibrant community of learners, professionals, and enthusiasts for real-time collaboration, expert guidance, and valuable resources.

Coming soon to our Discord Server: live TechTalks with tech leaders, including our star video trainers.

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Total Seminars has two new training courses coming soon!!!

We are excited to announce two new video courses that will be released in the next two weeks, Python 101: From NooB to N3RD and CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 courses.

PYTHON 101: From N00B to N3RD

Our newest subject matter expert, Dart Williams, has brought his engaging teaching style to Total Seminars.  Dart loves teaching students the basics and beyond. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to dive into the world of Python or looking to enhance your expertise, this course has something valuable to offer for everyone. Python is a popular, open-source programming language that is used for data analytics, web and software development, and design. Total Seminars has partnered with Dartanion Williams to teach you the basics in this Intro to Python course.

Dart has over fifteen years of experience in product development and data analysis working in industries such as EdTech, transportation and logistics, public safety, and non-profit management. His engaging teaching style cuts through the fluff and teaches you what you need to know to use Python. This course covers the basics including variables, data types, conditional statements, and loops. You’ll learn how to interact with databases, analyze APIs, and even visualize data in your code with pandas. You’ll also use your new skills in a real-world scenario to build an ATM machine, helping to solidify everything you’ve learned throughout the course.

CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003) Training

Tom Carpenter has once again done a great job teaching CompTIA’s Cloud+ Certification technologies. Check out a quick introduction where Tom explains what the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification can do for you and your career.  Get ready to launch your career in the expanding world of cloud computing!  CompTIA Cloud+ certification highlights your cloud computing skills.  Demonstrating proficiency in essential cloud technologies can help you become a highly sought-after candidate for job positions.

With over ten years of experience in cloud technology and computer technologies for more than three decades, Tom loves all technologies, learning, and teaching tech.  Tom has gone through the ranks of the IT industry starting in systems support and moving through being an analyst and engineer.  He founded a technical and content development training company in 1997 that he continues to manage today.

Let Total Seminars help you start your journey to a new career!

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