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Tech in 2024: Exploring the IT Landscape and Opportunities

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As we come to the end of the first quarter in 2024, the tech job market may appear concerning.  The latest layoffs at high profile tech companies and the US economy have given the industry a shake.  Contrary to these facts, data seems to show that there are still tech jobs open and low tech unemployment rates.  Today I want to look at the current market and why you should be comfortable moving into a career in IT.

Salaries for tech, both entry level and advanced levels

The IT industry continues to have the most competitive salaries in the job market.  The skilled tech job market demand continues to remain high.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual wage for a entry level IT position, such as computer user support specialists was $57,890 in May 2022 with a growth outlook of five percent from 2022 to 2032.  Advance level positions are easily in six figures

Remote work in the industry

Remote work, once a perk, is a mainstay in the tech industry. It allows for flexibility in work as well as enhance work-life balance.  It also allows tech worker to collaborate with team members from around the world. With a globally connected workforce, tech professionals can collaborate with clients and colleagues from around the world. Tech workers can engage with industry leaders, attend virtual conferences, and engage in online communities in a global network.

Learning opportunities

Tech careers allow workers to learn and develop skills.  Since it is a priority in the IT business, tech companies actively invest in the professional growth of their employees, offering training programs, workshops, and opportunities to attend conferences. In 2024, tech jobs can also offer workers access to a learning environment where staying on the edge of learning is encouraged and essential.

Innovation and overcoming challenges

Tech careers can lead to positions that contribute to groundbreaking innovations. Artificial intelligence, cyber currency, and other emerging fields allow workers to be at the forefront of technology.  Tech jobs allow you to be a part of a community that drives progress and creates solutions to some of the most difficult challenges.

The tech industry is not running out of jobs. It is ever changing, evolving, and growing in ways that offer a wealth of opportunities to techs.  Its growth rate is higher than the average occupation. If you love technology and innovation, the tech industry has much to offer.

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