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Navigating the Epic Journey to an IT Career Part Two

September 10, 2023 in Uncategorized by

IT can be versatile; you can start out at the help desk and work your way up to any number of specialized jobs as you grow in your knowledge and skills. Remember if you are entering the field, you must build your resume, so take that entry level job and keep looking as you build your resume.

Entry level tech jobs

For an entry level tech, the two most common jobs are help desk technician or IT technician.  In either position you support technical issues.  Help desk and IT technicians are utilized by all sizes of corporations.

Help desk technicians tend to spend more time resolving user issues by the phone or by remote into the user system.  Help desk tends to work more with specific software or systems.

IT technicians are more likely to spend time completing work to resolve the issue onsite and tend to see a larger variety of issues. An IT technician should be able to troubleshoot, know how to use several operating systems, and understand the basics of IT networks.

Let’s face it, a lot of jobs ask for a year’s experience.  You can volunteer your time to help with tech support, you can get an internship, you need to get your hands on even if it is just practice, practice, practice. If you don’t have it on your resume, how do you stand out.  Showcase your knowledge and commitment to the tech industry by getting certifications.  Certifications on your resume help show employers your knowledge.

If you are just starting your IT career, check out my new self-study Career Paths.  Next week I will talk about entry level cybersecurity and have a demo of a Security Operations Center from CyberNowLabs hands on training lab.

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