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Navigating the Epic Journey to a Career Part Three

September 17, 2023 in Uncategorized by

Everyone knows cybersecurity is the buzzword of the day.  Face it in today’s world, these positions are essential for organizations looking to build strong defenses against cyber threats.  But what do entry level cybersecurity positions do? And how do you get a job in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a broad term that refers to protecting organizations from digital attacks. Cybersecurity professionals install and manage security software to search for vulnerabilities within an organization’s digital systems, and create protocols to protect companies, consumers, and information from malicious actors.

A cybersecurity team secures networks, proprietary applications, and systems against online threats.  These teams create layers of protection across networks, computers, and data. Cybersecurity analysts work in a security operations center, where they monitor security alerts, investigate incidents, and coordinate responses to security threats. SOC analysts utilize specialized software to help detect issues.  They utilize incident response procedures that help coordinate responses to threats.

Incident responders use digital forensics to investigate security events. This role includes assessing systems for risk, automation testing, and conducting system analysis to identify threats and react to potential breaches.  It is a role that requires an eye for detail and the ability to communicate across company departments. Incident responders are required to create comprehensive reports for management and communicate with those from non-technical backgrounds.

Junior penetration testers are responsible for identifying vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and applications by attempting to exploit them, but with the intent to provide recommendations for improvement. They utilize hacking techniques, knowledge of security tools, and a commitment to ethical hacking practices.

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