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Navigating the epic journey to a career

November 13, 2023 in Uncategorized by

I have been talking about IT careers and Cyber careers this fall.  I hope you are moving forward in your studies for a successful career.  Studying for certification exams requires a systematic approach to cover the exam objectives to gain a solid understanding of the concepts and skills tested.  Don’t miss study tips in my study blog.

Prepare to pass your certification exams with study materials. Everyone has a different way of learning, it is hard to say what the is the best product for an individual to learn, you have assess that for yourself.  Determine what you need to seat the concepts in your mind!

For students who learn better in more of a classroom based learning with an instructor explaining topics, utilize computer based learning video series where an instructor teaches the concepts from the book.

For those who learn well by reading, look to exam guides. You can find a complete understanding  to prepare for a certification in an all in one book that will cover your from the basics to passing the exam.  If you are an existing tech, looking to pass the exam, I like to call you “swiss cheese” knowledge techs.  You know what you work with well, but need to fill in the “holes” to pass your exams, and don’t want a book that covers the basics. You are looking for the exam facts.

Get your hands dirty, practice, practice, practice.  Whether it is working with setting up the hardware or configuring the software, get some time working on your skills.  Use online interactive simulations to help you learn technical concepts and practice answering CompTIA’s performance-based questions. Hands on labs help ensure a seamless and coherent learning experience for you.

Certification practice exams are expensive, prepare to pass the first time by using practice exams. Practice exams are a great way for you to know when you are ready to take the actual exams.  You can use them at the end of your studies to see if you are ready to take the exams.  If you are using as a final check, don’t just trust that one pass is good enough, be certain to take several exams and ensure your scores are consistent.  If you choose to use practice questions as an integral part of their study, be certain to use a larger pool of questions.  More questions help ensure that you are learning the concepts, and not just memorizing the answers to the questions in the database.

Finally, don’t pay full price.  Save on the cost of certification exams with Discount Exam Vouchers.


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