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How to get started in a career in the IT industry.

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If you are nerd like me and enjoy computers and technology, you should seriously consider a career in IT. I have always loved playing around with technology and because I understood it, I was able to make a career teaching others.

Getting into IT does not have to be difficult.  There are a lot of opportunities in IT that do not require you dedicate years to schooling.  IT professionals are able to start in IT support and help desk positions that can be long term careers or a way to get you started in the industry.

Job outlook for IT support roles is very good, and US employers are posting open positions.  Support specialists are also good paying positions.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics has the median annual salary for IT support specialists at $50,000.

IT support specialists offer tech support troubleshooting software and hardware on systems for internal company employees as well as in companies that specialize in supporting users. They need to have tech skills and problem-solving skills.  In addition, good support specialists have solid soft skills.  Let’s face it if you work with people, you must provide good customer service.

You need solid knowledge of hardware and peripheral components, common software packages and their installation.  Now a days you also need network skills, both on a home and business level.

So how do I get there?

Breaking into the industry requires certification or experience.  CompTIA’s A+ Certification is the top industry certification for support specialists, and it is the best place to start for entry level positions.

Just like having gaming groups, you need to get into some professional group, networking!  Most jobs are filled by networking.  Get on networking platforms like LinkedIn, join the tech groups and be active.

Use your current skill set in addition to your tech skills.  If you have a background in customer service, look to start in help desk, you can use your existing skills to show experience. Get your resume looking good and searchable.  You need to have your objectives, skill, experience, and any certifications or award. Even your experience at previous positions is important to match with an IT employers skill requirements.

Get your resume out everywhere.  Don’t expect to hear back from sending out five or six resumes, search out good employers and send resumes to open positions that are relevant to your skillset.

When you get the interview, be prepared!  Know the company position requirements, be ready to talk about how you meet those requirements.  Don’t walk into an interview blind, take the time to know a little bit about the company and the position that is open.

Also focus on your ability to work well with other and develop teamwork.  Employers often will ask questions to assess how you will react to technical issues as well as issues with others. Think about some difficult scenarios ahead of the interview and how you would deal with them on the job. Don’t be shy, practice interviewing with someone, it is the best way to get used to it.

The most important thing is to get active now and stay active.  Keep knocking on the door of opportunity, one will open.

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