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Hottest cyber jobs now going to… SNAKE HANDLERS?!

June 27, 2023 in Uncategorized by

Call in the Snake Handlers! The recent surge in cyber job demand for Python programming may keep cyber security operation centers (SOCs) from ‘getting out of hand!’ Knowledge of Python makes a big difference for job seekers—both for entry-level cyber analyst roles and for IT engineers eyeing a transition to SOC engineering positions. If you want one of the hottest cyber jobs learn Python programming.

What I’ve learned in vlogging Two Bald Nerds with CyberNow Labs’ SOC Manager Richard Chapman, is that most cyber jobs are connected to enterprise security operation centers (SOCs). These SOCs are the digital network and asset environments where the real ‘work’ of cybersecurity is done.

The problem is that SOCs are mutating in unruly and overcomplex ways… So employers are calling on Python programmers for their ability to handle the compounding complexities of cybersecurity operations.

Python Knowledge is a Game Changer if You’re Seeking the Hottest Cyber Jobs

With its extensive versatility and natural language syntax, Python programming has emerged as the preferred programming language for SOC development, integration, and automation.

Job candidates who are conversational in Python offer practical and enabling skillsets to integrate SOC technologies, automate repetitive tasks, streamline incident response workflows, and more.

That’s why my team at Total Seminars teamed up with CyberNow Labs’ instructor Dartanion Williams to produce a one-of-a-kind Intro to Python for Security Analysts course, for just this reason!

This course is set to launch in July, BUT here is how you can GET IT FOR FREE NOW:

  • Attend the 6/27 LIVE ONLINE INFO SESSION hosted by CyberNow Labs
  • Stay until the end when the Attendance Code will be provided
  • Be one of the first 50 to use the attendance code in your CyberNow Labs application

On Thursday (06/28) at 5 PM EDT, an email will be sent from notifying all who used the Attendance Code in their CyberNow Labs’ application if they were part of the first 50. For those first 50 applicants, details on how to access the course once available will be included

Register for the June 27 LIVE INFO SESSION

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