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Cybersecurity Career Path

March 25, 2024 in Uncategorized by

Some of you may have heard about my March initiative to get students rolling toward a Security+ Certification.  I mean it, we need cybersecurity techs and it starts with CompTIA Security+ Certification.  So much so that I gave away over 1,200 free Security+ video series to get people motivated to get into this career.

In my nearly 30 years training millions of techs, I really believe we changed for the better the IT industry hiring practices.  Particularly the qualification requirements at the technical level. As a self-studied man that didn’t take the traditional college route, I’ve had great satisfaction watching companies realize the value of certifications and hands on training better job qualifiers for techs. I have been saying this for over thirty years!

In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated and pervasive than ever before. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals, especially those with experience in security operations centers (SOC), is rapidly increasing. Organizations of all sizes and industries require dedicated teams to monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents. This high demand ensures a multitude of job opportunities and career growth prospects.

SOCs are a great place to start your cybersecurity career. Proper SOC training equips professionals with the necessary skills to understand threat landscapes, work with incident response and mitigation, and analyze threat intelligence analysis.

The bottom line is if you have enthusiasm for the field, and embrace continuous learning, you can become a cybersecurity professional who makes a difference.

I love talking to folks to hear how they are making this career change. I’ve got to say, my pals at CyberNow Labs are doing something unique to help people of any background make this pivot.


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