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Are Certifications Worth Their Cost?

January 8, 2024 in Uncategorized by

A lot of people ask me: “Mike, should I get CompTIA certifications?”

My answer isn’t just yes, it’s YES and here’s WHY these are steppingstones for you. Becoming a great IT Tech is about learning the fundamentals and adding to your skills one building block of knowledge at a time. Any successful career is about starting with a firm foundation.

Getting your A+ and Network+ certifications makes the Security+ journey easier and more rewarding as you invest in bettering yourself. This breadth of knowledge will open doors of opportunity. Having these foundational certifications gives you a better understanding of a growing body of knowledge and builds your confidence. Knowing the terminology helps you master each next step.

Most recruiters now use automated scanners to scan for credentials. These CompTIA Certifications helps your resume get to the top of their list. Having certifications makes it A LOT easier to get an interview, and tells interviewers that you love tech much that you were willing to put in the time and effort to learn the basics and build your skills. In other words, the certifications provide tangible proof of your commitment; talking the talk in an interview lets potential employers feel confident in your skills

Then they ask: “How do I get prepared for the certifications?”

Everyone learns differently, and you have to be honest with your study skills. Self-study is ideal for basic IT skills both for building certifications on your resume. As you build your skills and advance your career there comes a point where you need hands-on training to learn the material properly.

When do you need to move from self-study to hands-on? As you advance, the skills become harder but from a learning standpoint it depends on how hard you want to work with self-study and your own learning ability, it is different for everyone. You will know when you need the extra help that hands-on provides when you find it hard to fully understand the skills through only self-study.

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In the IT industry more certifications is key to not only getting in to a career, but also advancing in your career.  It’s a New Year, start working on your certifications now and get where you want to be in your career in 2024.

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