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Network+ Exam Facts

Number of questions: Maximum of 90 questions
Type of questions: Multiple choice and performance-based
Length of test: 90 minutes
Passing score: 720 (scale of 100-900)
Exam codes: N10-006 released Feb 2015
N10-005 retires Aug 31, 2015
Cert timeframe: Valid for three years from date exam is passed. Certified for life if certified on or before Dec 31, 2010.
Cert Renewal: See CompTIA Continuing Ed Program

Exam News

CompTIA Network+ N10-006 was released in February 2015. The new exam has been updated to reflect the current thinking of industry professionals as well as to reflect technologies used today, with a greater emphasis on practical knowledge, especially how to identify and use elements of a network infrastructure.

    Significant changes include:

  • Additional IPv6 concepts.
  • Emphasis on troubleshooting.
  • Additional security knowledge.
  • Knowledge of how to administer key systems.
  • The main differences between CompTIA Network+ N10-005 and Network+ N10-006 are the following:

  • Updated terms and technologies in the IT networking field.
  • More hands-on experiences such as installing, configuring, implementing, managing and troubleshooting.
  • Three new topics:
    • Compare and contrast physical security controls.
    • Summarize basic forensic concepts.
    • Summarize safety practices.

What about a JOB?

What? The Network+ test covers networking technologies, installation and configuration, media and topologies, management, and security.

Associated jobs may include network administrator, technician, installer, help desk technician and IT cable installer.

Who? Companies such as Dell, HP, Ricoh, Xerox, and Sharp recommend or require CompTIA Network+ certification for networking technicians.

Who else? Other organizations such as the Department of Defense, and various law enforcement and state/local government agencies, recognize Network+ as a pre-requisite for many technical positions.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Guide

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Pass the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam with Ease!

Network+ Certification - Conceptual image of how a network works

Mike Meyers has lost the Internet

By Using Total Seminars’ All-in-One CompTIA Network+ Certification Guide, You Can Pass the Network+ test with ease! Passing the CompTIA Network+ test has never been easier thanks to Total Seminars’ All-in-One CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Guide. CompTIA certification and training expert Mike Meyers authored the book using an easy-to-read style that makes studying for the test a breeze. Meyers takes complex subjects and presents them in a conversational, informal style, so even novice computer geeks can comprehend subjects such as network hardware, installation, and troubleshooting.

Meyers leads the creative experts at Total Seminars, who design and produce expert training materials for various IT industry certifications. For the past two decades, Total Seminars has proven themselves as leaders within the industry by successfully helping people get certified.The exam guide includes complete coverage of all material related to the CompTIA Network + N10-006 test and the information is always up-to-date. Once you read this comprehensive guide from Total Seminars, you will feel confident about taking the test and passing it with flying colors.

The exam guide comes with a CD-ROM containing an assessment test so you can gauge where you are at the beginning and where you need to focus your study. It also has an intro video about Network+, featuring Mike Meyers. Plus, it has links to amazing free tools, such as video training, practice test demos, and Mike’s Cool Tools.

Receiving CompTIA Network+ certification is a great way to advance your career as a network tech. It is an international, vendor-neutral certification that proves a technician has the competency to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, and configure basic network infrastructure.

As a certified professional, you can prove you have knowledge of networking features and functions such as wiring standards and the use of testing tools. By having in-demand knowledge, skill sets, and the right qualifications, you can enable yourself to land a great job at a new company, gain a key promotion, and continue to strengthen your IT career path.

Total Seminars also helps future certified computer techs rip through the CompTIA A+ certification with the A+ practice test software that accompanies best-selling CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, also by Mike Meyers. Total Tester A+ Premium Practice Exams software will help you prepare for these exams.

To succeed as an IT technician and give yourself a chance to excel with your current or future IT job with CompTIA Network+ certification, contact the experts at Total Seminars for the most comprehensive preparation possible.

Featured Article:

Why Network+ Certification is Essential for Employment

[Posted by: Kathy Yale]

Shows Interest in the Field of Networking at Large

The new Network+ certification procedure requires re-certification every three years. Those who took the test before December 31,2010 are certified for life. This change requires recent test takers to prove their knowledge and stay updated either by recertification or by participating in CompTIA’s continuing education program.

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Why is Network+ a Pre-Requisite for Many Technical Positions?

[Posted by: Kathy Yale]

The Importance of Network+ Certification

Network+ certification in particular is requested by many employers as a general test of skills. Specifically, government and military contracts tend to request Network+ certification above other types of certification. This is because Network+ certification is vendor neutral, which means that it applies to all types of systems. Cisco certification only applies to Cisco technology, and Microsoft certification is similar. A technician with Network+ certification will therefore have a more diverse set of knowledge and be able to work with varying systems. Because the government and military have very rigid standards, those without the required certifications may not be considered for hire.

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