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Upgrade the Head-Phone Experience, Free!

0 June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized by

Maximum PC just posted an article about Razor’s new positional-audio system. Razor claims that you can transform stereo headphones into 7.1 positional audio. And they’re so convinced of the awesomeness of the new system that they’re making it available for free through the end of 2013. Here’s the link to the full article:

Maximum PC

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What Kind of Jobs Usually Require a Network+ Certification?

0 June 20, 2013 in CompTIA Network+ by

[Posted 20 June 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Across various industries today, the tight labor market is causing both employers and employees to take a closer look at the skills and educational background of job candidates. Employers want to hire the most qualified candidate for the position; with competition for jobs fierce, employees must do what they can to differentiate themselves from others in some way. While the competition for positions varies from industry to industry, competition for positions in the IT industry is often competitive. For IT professionals who want to improve their likelihood of getting hired, one great option to consider is to earn a Network+ certification.

What is Network+?

The Network+ certification is a general certification that is not designated for any specific vendor or operating system, and this makes it a popular certification for many employers to look for regardless of the type of system they are running. It is an entry-level certification that covers networking topics like installation, configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance, and management of the network. While it can stand alone for professionals seeking an entry-level IT position, it also can be used as a stepping stone to the more coveted MCSA, or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, certification. It also is recognized by other system brands like Cisco, HP, and Novell. The certification can provide the basis for further growth, development, and specialization in the IT field.

Job Positions that May Require Network+

The Network+ certification is an entry-level certification, and it can help new IT professionals prove their knowledge and proficiency in entry-level IT tasks and topics. It may be required for positions like a PC tech, help desk administration, or network administration. It should be noted that even when the certification is not a requirement, it can give job applicants a competitive edge over others. This is because a certification proves to employers that certain objectives they may be looking for in a candidate have been mastered. Employers know when they hire a professional who has this certification that they do have a certain knowledge base in subject matter that is relevant to the position.

How to Get the Certification

To pass the certification exam, you will need to study hard. There are numerous classes available online and in classroom settings that cover all of the material found in the certification exams. There are also training DVDs and instructional books available to help those who are interested in passing the exam. However, this is one of the few certification exams in the industry that can be taken without any formal training. It is not required that students sit through a class before taking the test. Studying the material may increase the likelihood of passing the test and will ensure that students with weak areas in the material are fully ready. However, those who feel that they are proficient in the material can sign up to take the test when ready.

For IT professionals who are struggling to find a position in their field, who want to move into a new position, or who are just getting started in the IT industry, earning a Network+ certification may help. This certification can help IT professionals to meet their current goals, and it can also provide them with a wonderful stepping stone to earn more advanced certifications in the future.

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Showcase Your Digital Literacy with an IC3 Certification

0 June 13, 2013 in ic3 Certification by

[Posted 13 June 2013 by Kathy Yale]

IC3 certification is one of the best ways to promote computer literacy. Candidates who want to prepare for IC3 certification must study for a test that assesses the individual’s knowledge. There are many test preparation materials available, but Total Seminars provides IC3 preparation and exam vouchers that are a cost-effective way to gain this valuable certification.

Why Should I Seek IC3 Certification?

IC3 stands for Internet and Computing Core Certification. This certification documents computer literacy skills and never expires. Once an individual receives IC3 certification, he or she can use that certification for the rest of their career.

IC3 assesses several aspects of computer and Internet literacy, including:

• How computers work. The test covers basic functions of computers such as CPU, RAM and other designations of memory and operations.
• How to work within the Windows operating system. IC3 certification focuses on Windows as an operation system and covers the basic functions of manipulating files and data with Windows OS.
• Basic operation of Office applications. IC3 tests an individual’s ability to use Office applications effectively at a basic level.
• Networking. IC3 tests the applicant’s knowledge of networking basics such as how networks are constructed, connectivity issues and types of network configurations.
• Electronic communication. IC3 assesses knowledge of email and other forms of electronic communication using basic programming skills.
• The Internet. The IC3 exam covers basics of how the Internet is structured, computer language used in Internet applications and basic manipulation of web site structures.

Who Accepts IC3 Certification?

All jobs with exposure to computer systems demand the skills tested by IC3. Many employers are recognizing IC3 certification as a good way to screen potential employees for job-ready skills. If a job candidate has IC3 certification, the employer already knows that he or she has a basic understanding of programming and operations of computer systems that will serve the company well.

The potential to obtain a job is not the only reason to seek IC3 certification, however. IC3 certification can be a first step to achieving higher-level computer certifications and credentials. Individuals who successfully pass MOS, CompTIA, Strata, CompTIA A+ and other certification tests often begin with IC3 certification. 

Not only does passing the test give a candidate a valuable certification, it can also inspire him or her to seek higher goals in professional training and testing.

What Does the IC3 Exam Look Like?

The IC3 exam consists of three test sections. Each section contains 45 multiple choice questions. The four sections are:

• Computing Fundamentals
• Key Applications
• Living Online

Candidates have 45 minutes to complete each section. The passing scores for each section are, out of 1,000 points each:

• Computing Fundamentals, 800
• Key Applications, 750
• Living Online, 660

How Can I Prepare for IC3 Testing?

Seeking IC3 Certification can be the first step in a lucrative and satisfying computer career. Total Seminars offers preparation materials that are easy to use and fully prepare candidates for the IC3 exam. Total Seminars also includes testing vouchers so that candidates can take the IC3 test at their own convenience. Support is available for students that will help them understand the material and feel confident when they take the IC3 Certification exam.

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What is the Best Way to Prepare for the A+ Certification Exam?

0 June 4, 2013 in CompTIA A+ by

[Posted 4 June 2013 by Kathy Yale]

The field of information technology (IT) is one of many occupations that benefit from professional certification. Obtaining professional credentials provides confidence to both prospective employers and clients that an IT professional has received proper training and is competent to work in the IT field. Total Seminars provides a range of examination preparation materials for the CompTIA A+ certification and other IT certification examinations. 

Overview of the Comptia A+ Examination

Successfully completing the CompTIA A+ certification examination is important for anyone who wishes to be employed as a computer technical support specialist or computer repair technician. The basic certification process includes two separate examinations that cover a full range of computer hardware and software repair, installation, networking and troubleshooting. The examination is administered at testing centers throughout the United States. Each section of the examination is 90 minutes in length, and no reference material or notes are allowed during testing. 

General CompTIA A+ Examination Guide

As part of a complete array of test preparation materials, Total Seminars offers a general CompTIA A+ guide, the All-in-One Examination Guide. This comprehensive guidebook, authored by expert Mike Meyers, is broken down into chapters and reviews all the material that might be included on the CompTIA A+ examination. The book also includes diagrams and pictures, as well as information about the examination itself. A CD accompanying the book contains several additional lessons and helpful bonus material.

Practice Tests

A great way to prepare for any examination is by taking one or more practice tests containing similar questions presented in the same format as the test itself. Practice tests can alleviate fear of the unknown while helping a student prepare more effectively. Total Seminars offers a set of CompTIA A+ practice tests comprised of realistic questions presented with the same time constraints as the actual examination. The practice tests are computer based and also available on CD. 

Specialized Examination Guides

In addition to the general CompTIA A+ certification, certification examinations are available in numerous IT specialties. Total Seminars offers guidebooks and other material designed to prepare test takers for several of the most popular specialized certifications, including Network+, Strata IT and Security+. These study guides are written and presented by experts in each respective field and may be available in video or textbook format. Practice tests for each specialized examination may also be purchased. 

Bundle Packages

Package deals are available that include many of the top-selling Total Seminars books and videos. The “Ultimate Arsenal” combines either the Mike Meyers Network+ Course or the All-in-One Guide with the Practice Test package, while other packages bundle test preparation material with examination vouchers good at VUE testing centers. These packages save money while providing the knowledge that a future IT expert needs to become certified. 

Total Seminars is a leader in preparatory material for the CompTIA A+ and related IT certification examinations. Preparatory courses and guides are available for purchase using a convenient on-line checkout system. Course demos are also available at the Total Seminars website. The IT field is constantly evolving and the CompTIA examinations are frequently updated to reflect these changes. Total Seminars is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new information and CompTIA examination updates. An individual seeking IT certification can find everything needed to prepare for their examination at Total Seminars.

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How to Prepare for Your Network+ Certification Exam

0 June 3, 2013 in CompTIA Network+ by

[Posted 3 June 2013 by Kathy Yale]

If your goal is to be a network engineer, you’ll need to take a Network+ certification exam to become qualified in your field. Many individuals may experience issues when they are preparing to their exam whether it be due to time constraint or lack of materials. Fortunately, there are resources available for every test taker to utilize, regardless of experience that will allow them to successfully prepare for their exam.

Here are some practical tips for getting the best possible score on your network certification exam. These suggestions will also help you to retain much of the information on your test after you’ve passed it.


There are a variety of books available in order to successfully study for the exam such as the Mike Meyers CompTIA Network+ Guide to Managing & Troubleshooting Networks. Read each chapter of the textbook you’re using for studying, and take notes. If there are questions at the end of each chapter or at the conclusion of the Network+ textbook, write the answers to the questions down in the book, so you can refer to them as often as you need to before the test.

Online Courses

Online courses offered by Total Seminars apply the material given in the books and give an in-depth tutorial regarding the information needed to pass the exam. These interactive courses are led by skilled instructors and nationally known authors. The classes are both convenient and affordable.

After the live lecture, it’s a good idea to take practice tests, which are offered by Total Seminars. Updated versions of the Certification Exam Guide are available on the website, so you’ll be completely prepared for the questions you’ll see on the actual test.


One of the most effective methods to study for the exam is to attend a number of seminars. This is an effective way for you to have the questions that you were not able to ask during the online course answered. Total Seminars provides instructors who are knowledgeable in becoming Network+ certified. These instructors are an excellent resource to better understand the study material given in the online courses and the book material.

If you’re questions aren’t fully answered during the lecture, search Total Seminars website for the study materials. There are a number of videos on the website that provide information on troubleshooting and software management, as well as instructional videos that teach you how to operate and repair various computer systems effectively.


It’s also important to make sure that you’re studying for your exam in a comfortable environment. Be sure you are studying in a setting that is conducive to your learning habits, whether that is a coffee house or your living room. When you feel at ease, you can go over the important details of your test naturally, which will help you retain the information for the exam.

Once you feel ready, schedule your test as soon as possible. Remember the terminology, theories and program descriptions that you’ve studied, and take your time. Good luck!

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Network+ Certification Still a Top Choice for IT Career Advancement

0 May 28, 2013 in CompTIA Network+ by

[Posted 28 May 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Almost 15 years after it was initially launched, Network+ remains one of the most popular – and powerful – certifications for today’s tech professionals seeking to make themselves more attractive to their current or future employers. Why? Well, the primary reasons are its power and its versatility. The networking certification Is one of the flagship certifications supported by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), and for anyone interested in becoming an IT support person, having this certification is a must. It’s also a natural next-step for anyone who has already completed CompTIA’s A+ certification or who has some background working in an entry-level IT position.

To really understand just why this specific certification remains so popular among both networking professionals and the companies who rely on them, consider the advantages the certification offers:

  • It’s accessible. There’s no need to have an extensive background in computers in order to gain Network+ certification. All you need is the time and dedication to study the review materials, watch the videos and take the practice tests – all of which can be done according to your own schedule and at your own pace.
  • It’s versatile. Unlike certifications sponsored by specific hardware or software manufacturers, your certification will not tie you into one specific platform or application. As you work toward becoming certified, you’ll learn networking concepts that are applicable to a wide range of platforms, including how to configure, manage and troubleshoot network infrastructures – and that means you’ll be in demand by a larger pool of employers.
  • It counts toward vendor-specific certifications. Because the exam covers networking concepts that are used in a variety of platforms, Microsoft, HP, Novell and Cisco all recognize Network+ certification and allow it to be counted toward their own certification pathways, including Microsoft’s Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification, which means you’ll actually save time – and money – if you decide to pursue one of these specific tracks later.
  • It’s in demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of network administration is expected to grow by 28% by 2020 as companies invest in more powerful networks. Because it’s internationally recognized, your certification comes with a built-in degree of confidence which means that with just one look at your resume, employers will know you have the knowledge and preparation required to handle a broad range of networking issues regardless of the platform the company uses.

All of the Network+ materials offered by Total Seminars will help you earn your certification; however, many experts advise using more than one source to prepare for the exam – for instance, two books by different authors or a book combined with a video series. To be completely prepared, industry experts also recommend taking as many practice tests as you can to get a real “feel” for how the actual exam is structured. With some time and determination – and the right study materials – you could be on your way to a networking career in less time than you imagine.

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Who Should Consider Network+ Certification

0 May 23, 2013 in CompTIA Network+ by

[Posted 23 May 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Computer networking professionals across the globe rely on CompTIA’s Network+ certification. Because the world of computer technology moves extremely quickly, many IT professionals turn to certificates to prove that their knowledge is up to date. Because it is relatively low-level and unspecialized, many people in the IT field can benefit from obtaining this certificate.

Certificates are commonly pursued to improve a person’s job prospects. Employers often like to hire people with certificates because they can be sure that the person already possesses the necessary skills to perform the job. Even professionals with degrees in the field can benefit from certification in some cases because certificates tend to be much more specific than degrees.

Some professionals go so far as to state an opinion that all IT professionals should have A+ and Network+ certification. In these scenarios, getting hired without certification would be next to impossible. Possession of a certificate will generally increase an IT professional’s job prospects.

Plenty of people who work in the IT field get along just fine without certificates. However, certification is typically relatively inexpensive, and it is a good way for job seekers to prove their knowledge in the field. People who already possess the necessary skills to pass the test should definitely consider taking it, if just to have outside verification of their abilities.

This particular certification is designed for IT professionals who work with networks. Common job titles include network administrator, network technician and network installer. Professionals such as IT cable installers and help deck technicians may also benefit from passing the test. Anyone interested in pursuing any of these careers will benefit from certification.

The Network+ certificate is not exactly entry-level, but it is not particularly advanced, either. CompTIA recommends having nine months of work experience in the IT field before taking the exam. Many people choose it as a second certificate after CompTIA’s A+ certificate or another similar entry-level exam.

People who entered the IT profession in entry-level positions will usually find certification a useful way to prove that they have learned enough to move up. IT professionals who got their start in less-than-ideal jobs and wish to obtain better employment can also put their knowledge to the test by taking this certification exam. For both new and experienced IT pros, it can also be a stepping stone to being considered for a promotion. Obtaining certification not only provides proof of skills but also demonstrates a willingness to work hard and stay up to date in the field.

Some companies recommend or require that their networking technicians to have passed this test. This means that job hopefuls applying to these positions will be well served to have obtained their certificate. Big names that have this requirement include Dell, HP, Sharp and Xerox.

CompTIA’s Network+ certificate is also a vendor-neutral option. This may make it a better choice for professionals who are just beginning their careers in networking. The certificate provides the flexibility to pursue a number of different vendor-specific certificates after having obtained experience in the field and decided on a direction. Those who are looking for a new job or soon will be may also appreciate the flexibility of a vendor-neutral certification.

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The Growing Importance of IC3 Cerification

0 May 16, 2013 in ic3 Certification by

[Posted 16 May 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Computing fundamentals, key applications and living online are the three elements of IC3 certification. The importance of these components is progressively growing in the jobs industry. As technology becomes more of a key component in the workplace, employers are searching for candidates who have thorough training and experience in the core areas.

The Big Shift

The workforce of the 1970s saw a shift in the workplace as computers were introduced in higher levels of administration. As time passed, computers replaced filing systems for records. Administrative workers were required to do away with the Rolo-Dex and card filing systems and learn how to enter information into a computer.

As technology developed and employers saw the benefits in speed and accuracy in using computers, the usage of computers was spread outside of the lines of record keeping. Companies began to use them as processors for applications, real-life simulators and as monetary exchange systems. Employers were able to locate files and view transactions that had occurred months prior to inquiry. Technology has made the speed of business increase at astronomical increments.

Today’s Work Environment

Things have continued to progress since the 1970s. And, every position of employment requires some type of interaction with computers. Hands-on laborers have to at least "punch the clock" using a keyboard, mouse and monitor. This is why IC3 certification is growing in importance.

Benefits to Employers

Arguably, job candidates are classified by levels of computer skill and knowledge. Employers understand that holders of the IC3 certificate don’t have to be trained on basic computer usage. They also understand that holders of the certificate are adept at searching and getting around the Internet without much assistance. These factors add much value to potential job candidates.

Employers transitioning to a more technological platform are crippled when having to remove their "best" employees from the floor and retrain them on computer basics. Also, the learning curve can take up to months to cure and justify the training.

Switching Careers?

On the other hand, IC3 certification is valuable to recruiters because they don’t have to sift through a candidate’s resume in order to determine whether or not he or she has the basic computer skills necessary for the job. Those who are making a career change can make themselves more attractive with this as on a resume.

How Accessible is IC3 Certification?

Total Seminars is offering courses that you can utilize to prepare yourself for today’s job market. We offer a number of courses that include IC3, A++ and more. If you are switching careers, reentering the job market or jumping in for the first time, we have a line up of courses that will help you advance as a professional.

We also provide news and other updates pertinent to testing. We provide you with the right materials and offer expertise on how to use them most effectively. We keep pace with industry changes, and, we make adjustments when test content changes. Contact us today and use as a competent aid in helping you achieve certification success.

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How to Use the A+ Practice Test to Gain a Foothold in the IT Industry

0 May 10, 2013 in A+ Practice Test by

[Posted 09 May 2013 by Kathy Yale]

The A+ practice test can be highly beneficial to someone who is serious about building a long-term professional career in the IT industry. As anyone working in a technical field knows, industry certifications are a fact of life. Because many of the issues that you’ll face in IT require highly detailed knowledge of specific platforms or software packages, employers need to use certification exams to determine your level of technical competence.

Why Take the Test?

Some individuals who already have a good deal of knowledge in the field of IT may question the benefit of taking the A+ practice test. Indeed, taking the test will require a bit more of a time investment than simply going straight for your certification. However, you should look at the practice test as a tool rather than a time investment.

As A+ is considered by many employers to be an entry-level certification for anyone wishing to join the IT industry, there likely will be a fairly large pool of applicants for any position requiring the skills you’ll learn. Practicing before testing for your certification is one way to set yourself apart from potential competitors.

In an article prepared for the Learning Strategies Database at Muskingum University, it is explained that practice tests are perhaps the best way of preparing for any type of examination. The main benefit is said to stem from the fact that such tests impose an in-depth review of the material that will be covered on an actual exam. Additionally, the practice exam will generally follow the same format as the official one, thus allowing a student to get acquainted with the way information and questions will be presented to them.

Making the Most of the Test

If you do elect to take the A+ practice test, you’ll want to make sure that you maximize the opportunity that doing so gives you. There are two ways to do this deepening on your situation. If you’re not sure which elements of the test will be most difficult for you, you can work through the whole thing, and then go back for a more detailed review of any topics that you had problems with.

On the other hand, if you’re already aware of the fact that you are weaker when it comes to certain topics covered on the test, you can choose to focus all of your efforts on these areas until you’re able to attain a high degree of confidence when it comes to all the material.

By using the test in this way, you can greatly improve upon any areas of weakness you might have. This will make you a stronger candidate for employment even when it comes to entry-level positions. You’ll have a stronger grasp of crucial material then other applicants who did not take the same extra time for preparation.

A final benefit of taking the A+ practice test is the fact that it puts you in a better position for furthering your career down the line. Because A+ certification focuses on many of the fundamentals in the IT industry, the strong foundation of skills that you’ll be building by taking extra time to learn will likely mean that you’ll be better prepared to delve into the more complex areas of IT as you move up within the industry.

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Grab Some Color!

Adding color to printing enables you to do a lot more with a document than simply printing in black. You can add emphasis to specific text, for example, or add small graphics. When it comes to printing a chart, on the other hand, color pretty much makes the chart come alive.

For years, the only cost-effective color-printer choice for the SOHO environment has been ink jet printers. Those of you who have taken our classes know my opinion about the ink jet rip-off market, with replacement cartridges costing upwards of $1000 per gallon. (Seriously. Do the math.) But the primary alternative, color laser printers, have been so expensive that most families and small businesses simply couldn’t afford the initial cost, even if the lifetime cost was substantially less than for an ink jet printer.

Dell just broke that paradigm with the announcement of the Dell C1790nw at a whopping $134.99. Blink. Close your mouth. It’s on sale today, so if you’re in the market for a printer, go here:

Or, if that long link is broken in your browser, try here:

My immediate thought was that, like ink jet printer manufacturers, Dell would fleece consumers with the cost of toner cartridges, but that appears not to be the case. Dell offers two levels of cartridges for the C1790: the 700-page and the 1400-page. (There’s also a 2000-page version, but only for black.) Prices:

  • Black (700) – $50
  • Magenta (700) – $56
  • Cyan (700) – $56
  • Yellow (700) – $56


  • Black (2000) – $70
  • Magenta (1400) – $70
  • Cyan (1400) – $70
  • Yellow (1400) – $70
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