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Feel Comfortable Before Your Exam with a Network+ Practice Test

0 September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized by

[Posted 19 September 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Taking the Network+ exam can be a stressful experience. However, there is a way for any test taker to make sure that they are prepared for the test. Studying beforehand is helpful, but even more helpful is taking the practice exam. A Network+ practice test is the best to see how questions on the test are framed and to see how the test itself is laid out. The test taker must also determine what to take away from the practice exam.

Have a Better Knowledge of the Questions that Will be Asked

As with all tests, there are some questions on the Network+ practice test that make it onto the real exam. However, no one can properly predict what will be on a test, and that means the layout and formatting of the questions becomes very important. Knowing what types of questions to expect will help the test taker to adequately prepare to take the test. Instead of solely studying the content, time spent expressing that content in the forms of the questions asked on the practice exam can be especially helpful.

Be Prepared for Different Types of Questions.

Many times, there are two answers that are seemingly identical, and it is the test taker’s job to discern between the two. This can only happen effectively if they have taken the practice exam and learned the language and style in which the questions will be asked.

Free response questions require the ability of the test taker to express what it is that they know in their own writing. Without this ability, it is very hard for the test taker to convey their personal knowledge to the exam scorer. Having practice in writing out the answers to these types of questions will make test takers more effective at answering the questions quickly and thoroughly.

True/false test items are tricky because they can use double speak in order to confuse test takers. It is very easy to be confused when reading these types of questions if test takers are not prepared for them.

Finish the Test with Time to Spare

Beyond studying the content and the types of questions on the test, it is wise for the test taker to consider how long they have to take the test and how long it actually took them to take the test. Some people may test slower than others, and if there is a hint of a timing issue, that needs to be addressed. Those who take the practice exam will find out if they are able to complete the questions in the time allotted and can practice becoming efficient if time is an issue.

The person taking the test needs to know if they are prepared to take a test, in the Network+ format, in the time that is given them. The only way to receive ample preparation is to study and take the practice exam. The practice test may make the difference between passing and not passing when it comes time to take the Network+ test.

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Your Future Awaits With a Network+ Certification

0 September 12, 2013 in CompTIA Network+ by

[Posted 12 September 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Successfully passing the Network+ certification exam can open doors to new careers and give job candidates an edge in today’s competitive market. The Network+ certification allows those who are seeking jobs in the computer field to show potential employers that they have the skills needed to succeed in a variety of jobs.

What Is Network+ Certification?

The Network+ certification exam was developed to showcase proficiency in basic networking skills. The certification exam covers a variety of knowledge and techniques, including understanding of network technologies; knowledge of installation methods and network configurations; understanding media and topologies; and a foundational grasp of management and security.

Does Network+ Certification Help Candidates Get Jobs?

Network+ certification is not always required for entry-level jobs in the computer industry but it is certainly helpful in separating candidates with proven skills from those without. Many employers who do not require Network+ certification still give preference to job applicants who have it over those who do not.

Network+ certification is not designed to indicate expert status in networking or computer applications. Rather, it is intended to show basic proficiency in certain areas of training. Upon successfully passing the Network+ certification exam, candidates may be able to secure the following positions.

Network Technicians

Most job candidates with Network+ certification will find work in entry-level jobs as network technicians. Technicians are usually training for a higher-level job such as a network administrator and gain valuable experience by working with staff with more knowledge and skills. Network+ certification may be required for some entry-level network technician positions with large companies.

Help Desk Technician

For those interested in working in the help section of a large retailer or computer company, Network+ certification can be very useful. Help desk technicians benefit from having a global understanding of exactly how the computer systems they deal with actually work and Network+ certification can give them that edge. Network+ certification is especially helpful for candidates who plan to move into management positions at a call center.

IT Cable Installer

Cable installers benefit greatly from the knowledge assessed in this exam. By understanding exactly how networks operate, cable installers get a much more comprehensive picture of how their work affects the total network operation. Cable installers with Network+ certification may not only find it easier to get a job but may also find that they are eligible for promotion as a result of their more extensive knowledge of the network.

Network Administrator

Network administrators in large companies often have graduate degrees and much higher certifications than Network+. However, for small companies, a graduate with Network+ certification may be appropriate as a network administrator. Network administrators have the job of overseeing all aspects of a network’s operation, so for a small company the knowledge tested by the Network+ certification exam may be sufficient.

Network+ certification is a good way to start on the journey to higher-paying jobs in the IT industry. By obtaining a Network+ certification, candidates show employers that they are professionals who are serious about their careers and proud of the knowledge they have obtained through their studies. 

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What is the Best Preparation for an ic3 Certification Exam?

0 September 5, 2013 in ic3 Certification by

[Posted 5 September 2013 by Kathy Yale]

The Internet and Computing Core Certification exam, also known as the ic3, is widely known in the information technology field as one of the most important exams for IT professionals to take. This is an exam that can be challenging for many IT professionals, but it also is a fundamentals-based program. The ic3 certification is often viewed as a stepping stone for other certifications, and because of this, it is highly popular for most IT professionals to take regardless of how far they aspire to take their career. Preparing for this challenging exam is critical for those who want to pass their exam on the first attempt. Understanding the different preparations options available is key to success with the ic3 exam.

A Closer Look at the Exam

As a first step, individuals who have a desire to pass the ic3 exam should take a closer look at the exam itself. This is an exam that features different sections that cover computing fundamentals, key applications and living online. Each exam has 45 questions, and students are allowed up to 45 minutes to complete each exam. They must achieve a passing score on all three of the exams in order to earn the certification. It is important to note that the exam materials are updated from year to year in order to ensure that those who hold the certification are up-to-date with current trends and knowledge in the industry.

What Total Seminars Offers

Total Seminars is widely considered to be one of the best resources for IT professionals to use when preparing for the ic3 exam. The company has over two decades of proven experience in the field, and it is known for providing high-quality testing materials. For the ic3 exam, it offers several different training options and study aids. For example, students can invest in training books, practice test software programs, lab manuals and more. Students will have the ability to purchase all of the materials in a package, or they can create their own package by selecting the individual options they would benefit from. Each student may have a different learning preference, and Total Seminars provides students with the ability to customize their learning experience.

Why Get the Certification

The ic3 certification is just one of several that Total Seminars offers testing materials and study aids for, and IT professionals can take time to learn more about each of the certifications that are covered by Total Seminars. The ic3 certification is often required by many companies today, and others view it as a preferred credential. The certification can be maintained for life, and it demonstrates the knowledge of and proficiency in certain key areas. These include office applications, electronic communications, operating systems and other basic topics. Some employers will not consider candidates if they do not have this certification, and others will give preferred status to candidates with the certification.

IT professionals who are interested in taking their career to the next level and who want to show potential employers their proficiency in certain fundamental areas should consider taking the ic3 test. Through Total Seminars, IT professionals can find all of the study materials they need to prepare for their certification exam. In addition, they can also find study materials for other popular certifications.

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Jump Start Your Career with an A+ Certification

0 September 3, 2013 in CompTIA A+ by

[Posted 3 September 2013 by Kathy Yale]

When people have more training, they are prepared to handle a wider range of tasks. With a certification, workers will have proof that they took the necessary training and passed the exams. One certification that’s extremely useful in this digital age is the A+ certification. Acknowledged by countless companies, here is what workers and job seekers should know about the CompTIA A+ Certification.

Solid Foundation

The certification provides candidates with a solid base to build other skills. While people may want to start with higher certifications, the A+ certification is one of the most versatile options. It prepares individuals for a career in IT, and the holder can go in several different directions.

Stand Out

The job market is competitive, and job seekers need something that sets them apart. Certifications are feathers in the cap that can be highlighted on a resume. They will help a candidate get that second look by a recruiter, and it can help people land more interviews. In addition to making candidates stand out, it’s also helpful for current employees who are trying to advance within their companies. Managers are impressed with people who invest their personal time in extra training, and it can give someone the edge they need to earn a promotion.

New Opportunities

As a powerful starting point, the A+ certification prepares workers for a range of fields. Someone who is growing tired of their customer service position can use the certification to move into another field. In fact, there are several careers that look specifically for this certification. After successfully earning the certification, people can move into more technical careers by becoming PC techs, help desk technicians, field service specialists or moving into manufacturing.

Self Confidence

People who invest in this certification feel more satisfied with their careers and abilities. They know that they are educated and valuable, and it gives them the confidence they need at work. Employers take notice of this certification, and they also take notice of people who are more confident in their skills and abilities. With this certification, people can handle basic computer problems on their own.

Employers Look for the Benefits

People who are already A+ certified require less training and are more skilled. Employers are actively looking for these benefits, and some will even call people who are A+ certified before they will contact other applicants.

The A+ certification is available through several companies, and there are many benefits to making the investment. People who invest their own time in this training will improve their job prospects and earnings potential. They will stand out to employers and supervisors alike, so they are more likely to get the job they desire, be awarded the promotion or get a raise. There is also a great deal of personal satisfaction that comes along with successfully completing this type of training program. The certifications are affordable, and they are a smart career choice for anyone who wants to be in the IT field.

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Total Seminars Is Your Best Choice for Network+ Study Materials

0 August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized by

[Posted 29 August 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Total Seminars is the ideal purveyor of study materials for the Network+ certification exam. The Network+ certification is vendor-neutral and it is recognized internationally. When you pass the Network+ exam and receive your certification, potential employers know that you have the skills necessary for basic network infrastructures, such as configuring, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting.

Why should I be Network+ certified?

It is crucial for all networking professionals to successfully complete the Network+ certification exam because it shows proficiency in essential areas, including installation and configuration, networking, technologies, media and topology, management, and security. By completing the Network+ certification test, you’re qualified for IT jobs like cable installer, certified computer technician, and network administrator. Dell, HP and Xerox are among the many major companies that require their technicians to be Network+ certified. In short, anyone who wants to work in networking needs to be Network+ certified.  

How do I study for the Network+ certification?

Practice tests are the best way to study for the Network+ certification exam because they give you a chance to review the information and the complete practice questions similar to what will be asked on the actual exams. Total Seminars is your top choice for practice exams and other materials for studying for the certification exam.

How does Total Seminars help me study for the Network+ certification?

The Total Tester includes hundreds of different questions, ensuring that you will encounter all of the material that might possibly show up on the actual exam. If you’re having trouble with a question, the program can provide hints that will help you reach the right answer. If you absolutely have no idea about the correct answer, the program will provide it. Further, instead of just giving you the answer and moving on to the next question, the program will explain why that answer is correct and provide you with a reference to the study materials so that you can study and review the relevant information.

How do I practice the material using Total Seminars?

Total Seminars has several easy-to-follow steps that will help you prepare for your Network+ exam. First, you can take an exam in Practice Mode; and then you can review any study materials or explanations that are referenced in that mode. The Detailed Exam Results show you the learning objects that you need to review. You can continue to review the explanations for each question that appear on the practice exam. Then, you can take the practice test in Exam Simulation Mode. Afterwards, the Detailed Exam Results from the Exam Simulation Mode will also provide information about areas that you need to review.

Can I customize my practice exams?

Absolutely! Total Seminars offers many different ways for you to prepare. You can customize tests by chapter content, topic objective, number of questions and exam duration. You can also take a full-length exam that includes all of the questions in the pools. You can take a practice version of an entire exam, or you can focus exclusively on the material that is most difficult for you. All of the practice exams are graded by topic, which helps you identify the specific information that you need to study further.

Total Seminars provide test takers with the essential tools they need in order to successfully pass the Network+ exam. Contact Total Seminars today in order to get started.

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An A+ Certification is Your First Step to a New Career

0 August 22, 2013 in CompTIA A+ by

[Posted 22 August 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Careers in the information technology or IT field have become increasingly promising over the last twenty years. Computers are now a part of everyday life for people all over the world, and in many ways computer literacy is important to be successful in just about any career. Many people know the ins and outs of using a computer in their daily lives, whether that is to play games, update Facebook, check email or to do their jobs. However, few of these people are certified to be able to hold positions in the IT field. Certifications can open up all kinds of exciting career paths for those willing to work towards them, and A+ certification is one of the most popular credentialing for those starting out in their careers in computer technology.

Obtain Proficiency as a Network Technician

A+ certification is sponsored by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association). Holding an A+ certification will show that you are trained in the basics of computer networking and network administration. Obtaining an A+ certification proves that each individual who has successfully passed the exam possesses the basic knowledge and proficiency of a computer technician.

Credentialing for a Competitive Field

The most basic reason why one would want to become A+ certified is that it is often a requirement for jobs in the IT field. The certification is industry-wide and earning it will provide individuals with the credentials to work with some of the top technology companies in the country. While basic knowledge and experience can be important on their own, having the proper credentials can serve as proof that you have undergone the training needed to perform a number of tasks that employers may ask of you.

The First Step to Further Credentialing

What you learn as you seek your A+ certification can also be applied to other certifications and specialties as well. Once you have earned your certification, you will be able to accept any number of jobs in the IT industry. In order to continue to excel and move upward in your field, further credentialing may be required. The A+ certification is part of a career path that may include Network+ certification in addition to others.

Taking the time to become A+ certified will show your computer literacy to employers, and the things you learn on the job can be applied to other certifications that will allow you to excel in your career.

How to Become A+ Certified

The A+ certification course is offered by CompTIA through their website. A number of practice tests, courses, training, and exam vouchers can be found at Total Seminars. These materials will ensure that all test takers are prepared for the exam and taking the next step in their careers.

An A+ certification is one of the basic IT certifications available in addition to being one of the most valuable. It is recognized across the PC industry, and it is an important first step for anybody who wishes to work in the world of information technology.

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How Will an Ic3 Certification Advance My Career?

0 August 14, 2013 in ic3 Certification by

[Posted 14 August 2013 by Kathy Yale]

The Internet and Computing Core Certification is referred to as the IC3 certification, and it can help individuals advance their careers. Offered by training centers around the country, it’s a competitive edge that’s important in a difficult job market. Available to students and working professionals, it lets employers know that an individual is computer literate and ready to work in an environment that relies heavily on computers.

Proof of Entry-Level Skills

In the past, employers who wanted to ensure that candidates were computer literate would ask people to come in and take various computer tests. The IC3 certification allows employers to skip this time-consuming process. The IC3 certification serves as evidence that an applicant has the entry-level skills necessary to function in both academic and work environments where computers and Internet technology are an integral part of success.

Recognized Benefits of Certification

Employers across the board recognize IC3 certifications as the global standard for digital literacy. It serves to validate an applicant’s computer skills that are required in most academic and work environments. It also serves as an excellent foundation for earning other certifications.

Three Examinations

There are three core areas to the IC3. The exam covers Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications and Living Online. The standards are updated every few years to ensure that this testing standard is keeping up with technology offerings that are constantly changing. These areas cover both computer hardware and software systems, and people will also learn about networks and the Internet.

The Computing Fundamentals section covers hardware, software and operating systems. People with IC3 certification will be trained in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to ensure proficiency in these key applications. Finally, the Living Online section covers networks, Internet, email and Internet on Society.

Prepared for the Digital World

While people expect to work with computers if they enter the field of computer science, the fact is that most professionals now work with computers. Work is increasingly being competed and transmitted electronically, and that means that accountants are trading pencils for keyboards and architects are moving from paper drafting plans to digital drafts. Anyone who is entering a field that uses computers regularly can benefit from this additional training and the certification that comes with it.

In this tough job market, employers are looking for people who are computer literate. In the past, they had to take an applicant’s word that they were skilled in Word or have them take special tests to see how well they could use Excel or PowerPoint programs. Administering the tests for computer literacy was costly, and hiring someone who did not have the necessary skills was even more costly. With the IC3 certification, employers can be confident that any applicant has the computer skills that are necessary in a digital world and office. It’s a valuable edge for candidates that can make a job search more successful. When you are ready to begin preparing for the Ic3 certification, be sure to contact Total Seminars for practice tests, study materials, and exam vouchers.

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Prove Your Tech Worth with a Network+ Certification

0 August 8, 2013 in CompTIA Network+ by

[Posted 8 August 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Information technology (IT) is expanding and continues to be the home of all innovation. It has, therefore, become important to remain well-versed in these advances. In order to pursue a career in the field of IT many professionals are finding it necessary to achieve a Network+ certification. This particular level of certification a vital credentialing one can add to their portfolio in order to transcend the upper rankings of the job market. The following will list advantages of receiving the Network+ certification and the many reasons IT professionals seek to go through this particular exam.

A Wide-Range of Job Opportunities

The number one reason for becoming certified is to open a host of job opportunities available on the market. Employers are looking for bright minds that are able to handle a plethora of tasks ranging in the specialization in which they are hired. Professionals are often seen seeking the Network+ certification as a means of improving their overall competency and IT literacy in the eyes of employers. After becoming certified, many individuals are given the opportunity to pursue high-paying positions at companies such as Dell or Xerox; or become eligible for pay increases at their current places of employment.

Offer Diverse Learning Opportunities

The Network+ certification covers a variety of topics such as network technologies, installation and configuration, securities, and more. This will not only award individuals credentialing in their field, but it will offer them further knowledge in areas of IT they may not have been familiar with before they took the exam. This will ensure literacy in every facet of the specialization, in addition to giving individuals the opportunity to pursue careers of positions outside of the specialization.

This is especially useful if there is a job shortage in a particular area of IT. It will ensure that the individual who has taken the exam has a greater chance of becoming employed.

Key Player in the Job Market

As the economy in the United States is still undergoing extensive repairs, it is necessary for all professionals to be equipped with as much knowledge in their respective fields as possible. This will make each individual a force to be reckoned with when applying for jobs. The certification may also increase job security for individuals. It is necessary for all employees, both current and potential, to be up-to-speed regarding the technology of their individual fields. The Network+ certification will give individuals the tools they need to be successful and primary candidates when employed or seeking employment.

Pursue Further Credentialing

Many individuals find it helpful to become certified in other areas in addition to the Network+. Coupled with CompTIA A+, the Network+ certification can be a stepping stone towards acquiring MCSA qualifications. This combination of credentialing shows an aptitude in networking and will serve to make the individual an in-demand professional.

The sky is the limit for those who become Network+ certified. They will not only learn the tools and skills they need to succeed in their position, but they will become a respected professional in the field of IT.

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The A+ Certification Is Your Starting Point for a Career in IT

0 August 1, 2013 in CompTIA A+ by

[Posted 1 August 2013 by Kathy Yale]

Certification is an essential career stepping stone for many professions. In the ever-changing world of computer technology, professional certification is an important way to demonstrate both knowledge and skills to potential employers. CompTIA is an industry leader in computer technology certification and offers a range of examinations and certification pathways designed to test knowledge in different aspects of computers and information technology (IT). The CompTIA A+ certification examination is one of these certification pathways.

What Is A+ Certification?

The CompTIA A+ certification examination is designed to test fundamental knowledge of a wide range of computer skills. Installation, set up and operation of computer systems, PCs, peripherals and mobile devices, as well as use of common computer software programs are the predominant topics covered by the A+ examination. The examination also covers networking, security, troubleshooting, repairs and customer service basics. Since it was first offered in the early 1990s, the A+ examination has been revised several times, most recently in 2012, to keep pace with changing technologies and system upgrades. 

What Is Required To Achieve A+ Certification?

The A+ examination consists of two sections and tests proficiency in the skills most commonly used by IT professionals. The examination is designed to test knowledge and skills that should be possessed by an individual with approximately one year of on-the-job training. For a person with little hands-on computer experience or training, completion of a training course in computers and computer technology is usually necessary to pass the test. Several companies offer training materials and practice tests to help a prospective test-taker prepare for the A+ examination.

These training materials can be in the form of a textbook, training manual or online course and are purchased for independent study at the direction of the prospective test-taker. An individual must successfully complete both portions of the examination to achieve A+ certification. Each section consists of 90 questions and must be completed in 90 minutes. The examination does not focus on the products of any specific company or manufacturer but is instead designed to test general, broad-based knowledge. The A+ examination must be scheduled in advance and administered at an approved testing location under the supervision of a proctor. Approved CompTIA testing sites are located throughout the country and in many overseas locations. 

What Are The Benefits Of Earning A+ Certification?

Although some employers do not require professional certification, many do place importance on being professionally certified in IT. Several computer manufacturers, including Dell, Intel and Lenovo, require all IT service professionals who work for their companies to be A+ certified as a condition of employment. Many other employers, including the United States Department of Defense, do not specifically require an A+ certification but do recognize its importance and can use certification as a basis for employee selection or promotion. In almost every case, an employer is likely to choose a candidate for employment with proven, demonstrated knowledge in a particular skill set over a potential employee with no certification or credentials. 

A professional certification is more than just another line to put on a resume; it is a way to prove knowledge and skills to prospective employers. Earning a professional credential can be critical to finding a great IT job or getting a promotion. Achieving A+ certification, or any of the many IT certifications offered by CompTIA, can help give a computer professional a much-needed edge in this highly competitive field.

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Why is An A+ Practice Test an Ideal Exam Preparation?

0 July 25, 2013 in A+ Practice Test by

[Posted 25 July 2013 by Kathy Yale]

The A+ certification is often considered to be a stepping stone certification in the IT industry. This is a certification that is obtained by industry professionals who want to prove their knowledge of fundamental concepts and core subjects. Because this is a fundamental certification, many who pass the A+ test and earn the certification will later move on to take more advanced certification courses to further advance their career. While the A+ test is a fundamental IT exam, it can be challenging to pass. Many people find that studying the right materials can help them to pass the exam on the first attempt. Using an A+ practice test is one of the best exam preparation steps that you can take if your goal is to get certified.

The Types of Questions

One of the important reasons why you should use an A+ practice test from Total Seminar to study for the A+ exam is because it can give you realistic insight to the types of questions that will be answered. By researching the exam in more detail, you may learn about some of the general topics that are covered by the exam. However, when you take the A+ practice test, you will be able to gauge the level of knowledge that you need to have for each topic. In addition, you will be able to see how difficult or easy the questions are for you.

Areas to Study

In addition to providing you with more information about the general topics that you will need to study, the A+ practice test from Total Seminar will also provide you with more information about the specific areas of each subject that you should study. The practice tests include answers to each question, so you will be able to determine which questions you missed. Furthermore, explanations for all of the answers are provided. Because of this, the tests are more than simply a question and answer resource that you can use to gauge your knowledge. Instead, they also can be used to enhance your knowledge and expand on areas that you are fuzzy about.

Building Confidence

When you take a certification test for the IT industry like the A+ exam, it is understandable that you may feel stressed and anxious about it. This is a certification that can help you to get a good job in your field, and it can also help you increase your income and obtain a solid knowledge base that can be used as a stepping stone for other certifications. While you may feel nervous about the exam, taking a practice test from Total Seminars can help you to build confidence. You may take your first practice exam and realize that you need to study up on a few key areas. However, you may take another practice exam after studying these areas to see how significantly your knowledge of the material has improved. Once you have passed a practice exam a few times, you will have confidence walking into the testing center on exam day.

An A+ practice test from Total Seminar is an excellent resource that you can use to study for your real exam. These practice tests are designed to be used as study aids, and they are based on actual questions that were in the latest version of the A+ test. If you have been looking for the best resource to use to study for the A+ exam, take time to review the practice exams available through Total Seminar.

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